About Us

The concept for In the Eye was conceived on a flight to Maui in April of 2015 while perusing the Hawaiian Airlines in-flight magazine. There was an article discussing hurricanes and had crisp images of them. Initially, the thought was to go with In the Eye of the Storm, but decided creating acceptable artwork of a hurricane would be difficult. Then there was recognition that the eye and the spiral arms of a hurricane resemble the spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy and In the Eye was born.

In November 2015 the artwork for the logo was completed and Wendy Froshay was commissioned to draw the original In the Eye artwork. Upon completion of the artwork in early 2016, work started on website development and printing shirts. In October of 2016 the USPTO issued an Office Action effectively denying the Trademark for In the Eye. The core concept of In the Eye was in jeopardy, until by happenstance, while looking for a movie to watch, Reflections in a Golden Eye appeared on the screen. Reflections in the Eye was launched, followed by the concept of modifying the human pupil to reflect reflections.

Thank you for your interest in Reflections in the Eye, hope you like what you see.